Sunday, April 15, 2007

Good, So Far

The NHL Playoffs never seem to disappoint. This year is no different. Although, the schedule is a little all over the place this season it seems. If you are confused (like I am sometimes), I placed a playoff schedule on my left column on the next game and the TV schedules.

These are just a few of my thoughts on the playoff action so far.

Most heated series: San Jose/Nashville. These guys just want to kill one another. You don't win series like these, you survive them. Coaches Ron Wilson and Barry Trotz are just about at each others throats.

Most entertaining series: It's a tie at the moment between Ottawa/Pittsburgh and Vancouver/Dallas. Both of these series have been full of high drama and some pretty goals, not to mention one 4 overtime period opener. The Buffalo/Islander series is runner up.

The boring series: New Jersey/Tampa Bay. It's just painful to watch sometimes. It seems the great talent is smothered into oblivion by the dreaded trap. No highlight reel goals, no high drama (yet).

Team over achieving: New York Islanders, Buffalo is such a strong offensive talent, but the Islanders are not going quietly into the night. With Rick DiPietro back, Buffalo better start paying attention.

Team under achieving: Atlanta Thrashers. It's like a tease to have this much talent on a team and watch them play sub-par in the post season. Bob Hartley may have these guys so screwed up in the head, they don't even know who is starting in net.

Best Goaltender: Miikka Kiprusoff. The Detroit Red Wings threw everything but the kitchen sink at Kip, and he just robbed them. The Flames are lucky the have this guy in net or they would have been down 6-0 halfway through the game. Runner up Marty Turco.

Worst Goaltender: Roberto Luongo. Not that he is bad, but more like average. It's the playoffs "Luo", step it up. Kari Lehtonen is runner up.


DCSportsChick said...

Couldn't agree more about the NJ/Tampa Bay series being the most boring. Yawn!

Hockey Amor said...

I think Luongo is playing really well, for a playoff newbie.

Garrett said...

Luongo has been playing well for his first playoff appearance, but how many times have we seen this guy just shut down good offenses as a Panther. I just don't think he has played his best yet. He did look good though last night (Sun.)