Thursday, April 05, 2007

Frozen Four Finally!

I am still not sure why College Hockey gets the shaft. It makes for some exciting drama, especially if you know some of the history of the great college teams. But you can't sell it. No one is rushing out to buy a North Dakota Jersey. Probably because no one sells them either.

The Caps do have a prospect playing in the final four, if for no other reason for a Hockey fan to watch. When North Dakota faces Boston College in St. Louis, Caps' fans should watch for defenseman Joe Finley, who was drafted back in '05 in the first round. The game starts at 8 pm ET on ESPN2.

The first game at 4 pm ET against Maine and Michigan State is also on ESPN2. If the NHL really wants hockey to flourish in the United States, maybe they should do more to get College hockey it's due. More southern schools should have div. 1 hockey teams. I always believed a college like Arizona or USC could recruit like crazy for hockey prospects that want to go somewhere a little warmer than Boston or Lansing Mich.

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