Saturday, April 28, 2007

Clark Contributes, USA Off To Good Start

U.S.A. got a great start in the IIHF World Championships with a solid win 6-2 against opening round opponent Austria. Chris Clark scored in the second to make it 4-1. Brian Pothier had an assist. In related news, Alex Ovechkin had an assist and a "spectacular" goal in Russia's 9-1 rout of Denmark.

Just about every european team has advertisements on their helmets and jerseys, which begs the question, when will USA and Canada follow suit to supplement their finances? Would you want to see a Dodge sticker on the helmets of the USA players? I am all for organzations doing what they can to make money and I am a little surprised it hasn't hit the NHL yet. But then again, it could get out of hand, like soccer (where my friend still thinks that the Fly Emerites team is pretty darn good).

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