Sunday, April 29, 2007

Canada Shakey In First Game

I am sure when Canada looked at the schedule and saw Germany looking back at them, they must have thought what an easy assignment to start with. Little did they know that Germany wasn't fooling around. Canada squeezes by with a 3-2 victory.

It all started with a bad hit early for Canada where Shea Weber hit a Germany player, Yannic Seidenberg, in the head at center ice just 1:18 into the game. Weber was given a five minute major, twenty minute misconduct and thrown out (and now has been suspended for 3 games). Although Germany wasn't able to score during the major, they did tie the Canadiens early in the second before a early third period goal Jamal Mayers sealed the victory for Canada.

Is this just early tournament jitters, or is Canada in trouble here? Canada did dominate the play late in the game against Germany who was sans Olie Kolzig (who called it quits after the Winter Olympics in Turin). Perhaps too many Canadiens are distracted by Stanley Cup Playoffs to grumble too much, yet.

Caps' prospect Nick Backtrom got an assist in Sweden's win over Italy as well.

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