Thursday, April 19, 2007

Atlanta Gives Southeast A Bad Rap

Call it in, the Atlanta Thrashers officially are the worst team to represent the Southeast Division. Instead of playing against the Rangers, they wanted to just play rough. That may work in the regular season, but not in the playoffs.

I highly doubt this team will make the playoffs next season considering it may lose a large part of their free agents over the summer. The Thrashers too have little to deal with in the upcoming draft, so it's likely they will be making some trades over the summer for fresh blood.

Head coach Bob Hartley really screwed this team up. Instead of sticking with a goaltender, he continued to play around with it starting Kari Lehtonen then starting Johan Hedberg then going back and forth. Make a command decision and stick with it. Also Hartley was more interested it putting his goon squad on at pivotal points of the series, when it should have been his best players to try and tie things up.

Rangers mercifully end this series before Atlanta could take it home to suck in front of their home fans.

I think Thrasher forward Bobby Holik said it best:

"We weren't even close to being competitive in the playoffs. There should be no sense of accomplishment whatsoever."

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