Saturday, March 24, 2007

What Are All Those Funny Looking Words?

Here is an interesting exercise. Go to and look at the website in it's French form. I did today by accident and I was just about to call the doctor to ask about dyslexia. It was my wife who pointed out that I had accidentally clicked on the wrong link and was looking at the site in French. Just when I feel I have a healthy ego, something always knocks me down a notch.

The Caps face the Canadiens in some very scary territory, the Bell Centre (notice the Canadian "re" in effect). Montreal would like to go to the playoffs, win Stanley's Cup, return glory to the Canadiens' legacy, prove their critics wrong and get a nice breakfast (hey, who doesn't want a nice breakfast?).

The Caps are just the opposite, they are just looking to end the season on a high note. As always, the Capitals are looking toward the future. Prospects have to start coming into their own. They can play the role of spoiler in the Eastern Conference still with many teams. This means the Capitals must steal wins in places like the Bell Centre which is not easy to do. They must put forth a better effort than their last game.

The Capitals need to start showing their winning side again when it matters most. That means making the Montreal faithful uncomfortable in their own home. These are the games that showcase the clutch players and give the Caps some momentum into the off season. The Games where the Caps can be spoilers are their own playoffs.

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