Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Showdown

Caps and Lightning face off in a matinee match up at the phone booth. The Capitals are coming off a rout of the Toronto Maple Leafs while Tampa Bay fell to the Buffalo Sabres at home. The Lightning need to stop this recent bleeding if they want to take over the top spot in the Southeast, while the Caps are "playing for pride" (according to ESPN).

With Olie Kolzig in net, it seems that the Caps have some new life. Alex Ovechkin is still in sight of the NHL's top scorer, if he can get his inconsistencies ironed out. Now that he doesn't have to play defense as much with a more talented goaltender in net, maybe Ovie can get some good shots off.

--Other Notes--
  • Ryan Hollweg will not press charges on Chris Simon for his stick work which earned him a 25 game suspension. I know what Simon did was wrong, and anyone who chops at some one with their stick should get the book thrown at him. Having said that... what was Hollweg doing skating back to Simon after the hit? It was obvious the play was no longer there. Hollweg went back looking to draw a penalty (which he got). If Hollweg joined the play, like he should be doing, this would have never happened. Just play the game guys.
  • Congrats to Mike Modano for becoming the highest scoring player in the NHL born in the U.S. If there was ever a good role model for young kids in the States, Modano is that role model.
  • Talk about your all time bad trades. The Phoenix Roadrunners trade a good player for a couple of duds. Must have gone to the George McPhee school for general managers.
  • Okay, it has nothing to do with hockey, but there was a three-way tie on Jeopardy. What are the odds? My wife and I are like a little old couple and find ourselves eating dinner and watching Jeopardy. It's sad I know.

That's all for now.

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