Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ovie Ad

In my latest edition of USA Hockey Magazine (free subscription when you apply for membership as a player), I was flipping through the multitude of advertisements (mainly for warrior gear) and came across this jewel from CCM:

It's a pretty funny and cool ad. It breaks down how to score a goal, or rather the goal. Apparently, it only takes 5 steps. Who knew it was so simple? It makes me want to spend $250 on a fiberglass stick.

My magazine also contains an article about Neil Henderson who has been giving the youth of D.C. a chance to learn the game of hockey, and the game of life. It's a good read and can give you better understanding on how hockey changes lives. The Ft. Dupont program deserves a lot of recognition by the hockey community in the D.C. area.

In other news, Olaf Kolzig is back in net, and not a moment too soon. With an injured Brent Johnson, the Caps were just about out of goaltenders. Still remains to be seen how heeled the knee is for Olie. If the Caps can ride Kolzig to the end of the year, they may pull out some big wins down the stretch. That is if Olie can get his timing back.

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