Sunday, March 18, 2007

Caps Rout Lightning

Capitals 7, Lightning 1
Scoresheet - Wash Post

Alex Semin scored a natural hattrick (the second Caps player to get one since Olie Kolzig's return) and Thomas Fleischmann broke out of his shell for a 2 goal, 2 assist game. The Caps pounded Tampa Bay right back to Florida. During the whole game I couldn't help but think about what numbers were different since Kolzig's return. So ponder no more.

The thirteen games Olaf Kolzig was injured, the Caps had 373 shots for and 30 goals. They had 395 shots against them, and 47 goals squeezed by the back up Caps goaltenders. In the past 3 games with Kolzig back in net, the Caps have 96 shots for and 15 goals. They have 107 shots against and only 5 goals allowed by Olie (just a single goal for each opponent in the last two games).

The Capitals without Kolzig had a .076 winning percentage. Brent Johnson and Fredric Cassivi both combined for a .881 save percentage during that stretch. Since Kolzig has returned, the winning percentage for the last three games is .666% and he has a .953 save percentage.

Fleischmann had two assists and was a -6 playing in 9 of the 13 games Kolzig was out. In the last three games he has 5 points and has a +5. Semin is similar, with a -7 during the injury and is +5 after.

Home attendance at the phone booth since the injury over a span of 6 games averaged out to 13,345. Since Kolzig's return, two home games with an attendance average of 15,277.

That is some interesting stuff to ponder.

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