Saturday, March 24, 2007

Caps Punchless Against Canadiens

Capitals 1, Canadiens 4
Scoresheet - Wash Post

Looking like the Capitals of last year, small moments of brilliance followed by a large lack of passion and/or experience. What frustrates Caps fans more than anything is that there so much talent on this team. For whatever reason, the Capitals can't use that talent to win games. The second period for the Capitals was bland to say the least (the very least).

With the laser shot that Alex Semin has or the raw power of Alex Ovechkin, the Capitals seem unable to get very much mileage out of either of them this year. With little goal support for those two, the Washington squad can't just put all the pressure on scoring on those two. Although they seem content to.

Olie Kolzig blocked aside 36 shots. The Caps were out shot badly for a second game 40 to 28 by Montreal. The Caps played a pretty clean game and was only called for three penalties. However, the Caps were 1 for six on the power play, and could not get any quality shots with an extra man.

Chris Clark gets the lone Capitals' goal (the puck bounced off his shoulder on Semin's shot). The Caps had a few good chances late in the third, but were quiet most of the game (almost non-existent in the second). It's like they have lost all of their aggressiveness after the first goal. I talk of having that killer instinct all the time in the NHL and the Capitals don't seem to have much of it.

Ben Clymer's season is done as he will have surgery to solve a sports hernia that has dogged him since October. Why didn't he have this surgery earlier in the year? This one just perplexes me. Clymer just played through the pain and was completely useless this season. Another great decision made by the Capitals management.

Caps face the Penguins next, I don't expect much from the Caps in this one. The Pens are in a different place than the Caps are. I expect a blood fest and the Caps lucky to come out with a goal or two. It's gonna be ugly.

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