Friday, March 16, 2007

Caps Can't Win

Capitals 3, Bruins 4 OT/SO (1-2)
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Even if you spot the Capitals a three goal lead, they blow it. It was 3-0. In a span of 2 minutes and eleven seconds the Bruins stormed back to tie the game. The Capitals were ahead 3 -nothing and they couldn’t stay out of the penalty box. The Bruins get it all back on power play goals. The Caps were ahead by three goals and pitching a shut out. 3-0!

It didn’t matter that Chris Clark scored a natural hat-trick. It didn’t matter that Olie Kolzig made a spectacular return to net after missing 13 games due to injury. It didn’t even matter the Alex Ovechkin seemed to get some of his bite back. Those should have been the stories of the game. Instead, the Caps blow a 3 goal lead and drop their ninth straight.

Steve Eminger’s penalty at the end of the second period absolutely bothers me. I have seen so many players do this. They go for the stick check and are too aggressive with it and end up high sticking the other player. It doesn’t take much to stick check someone, you do not need to pitch fork like that. I have never, ever, high sticked another player in that fashion and successfully stick checked even the best players. A player must always stay in control of their stick.

Eminger’s pitch fork stick check put the Caps down two men. And the Bruins took advantage. They scored on the two man advantage, then on the 5 on 4 power play that ensued. Caps fans scratch their heads, and stop watching (and watched VCU take out Duke in the first round of the NCAA tournament - Go Rams).

The Bruins took this game to where the Caps dreaded most, the shoot out. Even with a rare Ovechkin goal in the shootout, Phil Kessel put the game away. The Caps now slide to nine straight losses. The Capitals always manage to ruin their own successes. This game was no exception.

I was trying to think of who the Caps play next when I realized, do I really care? Nine straight losses, it doesn't matter who they play next. Can you hear that sound? It's the sound of the season ticket printers for next year. I don't hear them either.

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