Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stupid Pierre

I think I got called out for calling Pierre McGuire a Pens sympathizer. Not that I really hate Pierre (although he has not invited me over for afternoon tea as of yet), I just decided to rant about it on my blog because my wife didn't want to hear it. I am sure he is a nice guy (to his mother).

Pierre did give the Caps some credit during the game. He said some nice things and I think the fact that there was glass between him and the Washington Bench and none on the Pens side, he was a little more in the know about what Pittsburgh was doing. Just once I would like to see a player give Pierre a little tap during play during a shift change. I mean he is right there.

A lot of trade talk has been swirling around and the Wash Post confirmed that Dainius Zubrus was in danger of being traded. Although I would hate for that to happen, it wouldn't be the worst thing the Caps could have done (i.e. signing Jagr). The Caps could ship the forward as a rental to a Cup running team and resign him over the summer. Just like Peter Bondra.

One thing is for sure, the Caps may resign to the fact that the Playoffs is too far out of reach by the time the trade deadline rears it's ugly head (Feb. 27). That means all eyes look at the NHL Draft and Nicklas Backstrum's arrival in DC.


faux rumors said...

1) The playoffs 'may be out of reach'? The Caps are in danger of finishing last overall! Thankfully the Flyers built up such a large 'lead' that they may not be able to be caught.
2) Its time to trade away assests. If Zubrus isn't signed by Monday, GMGM should take the best offer available. Not like he's irreplaceable. He's a good 2nd line wing playing out of position there
3) Zednik and a defenseman are likely to be dealt

Caps Nut said...

I advocate the trading of Zubrus simply because his value will never be higher than it is right now.

Though we certainly should find out what his contract demands are because if it is anything more than we are willing to pay, they should ship him out.