Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Novotny Settles In

Wash Post's Tarik got a good look at the Capitals newest addition, Jiri Novotny. He will be number 13 when he hits the ice against the Lightning Thursday night. Glen Hanlon set him up on a line with Brooks Laich and Thomas Fleischmann.

As lines jumbled with the recent departures and injuries the likely line ups will be:

Line 1: Ovechkin-Beech-Semin
Line 2: Pettinger-Gordon-Bradley
Line 3: Fleischmann-Novotny-Laich
Line 4: Brashear-Sutherby-Clymer

What concerns me the most about Novotny is his dedication. After being traded from a contender to a rebuilding team, will that drive Novotny enough to play well? I guess we will see Thrusday night.

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Allen Popels said...

The trade should motivate Novotny, as he now has a significant role in the NHL for the first time in his career.