Monday, February 12, 2007

Kolzig Out

The Capitals are dealt another blow to keep them from reaching the playoffs for this year. Olaf Kolzig hurt his knee during practice today and will be out 3 to 4 weeks (most likely 3). Brent Johnson, who just recovered from an injury, will now be the Caps number 1 goaltender.

Most likely Fredric Cassivi will be called up to back up Johnson. While Johnson has been a capable back up, he has been less than stellar with a 4-7-3 record and a whopping 3.86 goals against average. In his last three starts he allowed 15 goals. Not a shining star on the horizon of the Caps’ season.

But instead of looking at this as a blow, this could be a chance for Johnson to prove the critics wrong. A shake up like this certainly hurts the Capitals psyche about the playoffs, or it could have the opposite affect. They may now have to bear down, and start playing clutch hockey to make a final run at the end of the season. Not just to fight for the playoffs, but also their jobs for next season.

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