Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's The Pitts For The Caps

Capitals 2, Penguins 3
ScoresheetWash Post

I hate Pierre McGuire. You think he wanted to open mouth kiss Sid “the Kid” Crosby while reporting from next to the Penguins bench. It was the Pittsburgh Penguin show, it hardly mattered that the Caps were there at all. They were just another team the Penguins beat.

The Capitals deserved this loss. How can the Caps put up an aggressive forecheck that kept the Penguins deep in their zone for nearly two minutes and not score? Even after the Caps had the advantage of a change and exhausted Penguin defenders, all they could muster was a shot or two.

The Penguins nearly gave this win to the Caps, playing passively. They allowed the Washington squad to play more physical. But the Caps couldn’t do the one thing that has plagued them of late, score.

There is just no offense to this team right now. Alex Ovechkin has one goal in the past seven games. I can’t remember the last time I heard a name other than Alex Semin and Ovie getting a big goal for the Caps. Philadelphia could pass the Caps in the standings leaving them in last place in the east. That could mean last place in the league as well.

Clearly the Caps have no confidence and I can’t imagine the mood in the locker room is very jovial. No need to try and find ways getting more butts in the seats at the Verizon Center, because right now, the Caps are not worth it.

Caps face Montreal next. My bet is the slumping Canadiens extend their winning streak to two.

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