Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dropping Another One

Capitals 3, Montreal 5
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Certain phrases were coming to mind as I was watching the Caps struggle through the first period. “Rock Bottom”, “Hitting the Wall”, “Goodbye Playoffs”, “Un-special Teams”. It was one of those periods you just want to forget, and the Caps seemed to do so with 2 big goals in the second. But it was too little, too late.

Alex Ovechkin has hit a wall, it’s called NHL goaltenders who seemed to wise up to Ovie’s quick shots off the wing. All of the All-Star forward’s goals seem to be rebound goals or wide open net tallies. I am wondering if that banana blade of his is really helping. When the Caps have won this season Ovechkin is a +20, when they lose he is -35.

Alex Semin took a few shifts in Ovie’s spot, lined up with Chris Clark and Dainius Zubrus on more than a couple of occasions. There were a lot of line shake-ups for the Caps, nothing much seemed to work. Jamie Heward had quite a game with a goal and two assists.

The Capitals’ special teams suck. I mean that is the only thing you can say about it. The Caps couldn’t keep the Canadiens from scoring on their power plays and they couldn’t get anything going on any the power play, except for one.

Caps play San Jose next. Let the trade grinder roll, the Capitals are sellers.

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