Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Caps Drop A Couple Z's

Dainius Zubrus is a Sabre and the Capitals send a defense prospect for rookie forward Jiri Novotny and a first round pick. One of the more quiet trades on trade day the Caps move a few large payrolls off their roster. GMGM just didn’t want to sign Zubie to a five year deal. Novotny is still recovering from a sprained ankle.

Caps also moved Timo Helbling for a frist round pick from the Sabres. Helbling only played two games for the Caps this year. He is considered a top defensive prospect and the Capitals get a first round draft pick in the up coming draft.

Jamie Heward was also moved today to Los Angeles for a fifth round pick. Capitals lose an experienced defenseman for a deep pick. I would have thought the Caps could get more for Heward.

I thought Zubie was going west, but here is a chance for the forward to do very well with a fast and fluid team. For Zubrus this is a good trade, for the Capitals, eh. Novotny is a very good rookie, considered a playmaker, but will not fill the void left by Zubrus.

What the Capitals really wanted was the first round draft pick, and they let Zubie and a defenseman go for it. Novotny was just icing. With a lot of big names being moved today, this one just sort of was a side note. Zubrus should add some consistency to the Sabres’ lineup. Caps also dealt Richard Zednik to the Islanders for a second round pick.

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