Sunday, January 28, 2007

Was There An All-Star Game?

Not many saw nor cared about the NHL’s All-Star game. Not even a controversial jersey change could muster at least some people to perk up and take notice. Nope, the NHL’s viewership of the 55th All-Star game plunged 76%. Ouch. Prompting the question, if a tree falls in the woods, does Gary Betteman still get to keep his job for another year? Hmm.

The NHL moved the game back to a week night and it was highlighted on the ever so popular cable television channel VS. (Versus). In a game that featured 21 goals, and some of the league’s best talent, the ratings just were not there after going head to head with such rating giants like American Idol, Cooking with Klause, and the public access channel featuring a recap of the debate over the upgrade of new sewer lines in the city council (or C-Span III). Tough night.

Maybe if the NHL had bad singers and an English judge, things might have been different.

I didn’t see, but heard about the Caps home and home games against Carolina. After reading both recaps and watching the highlights, I am very proud how the boys picked up their boots and gave it right back to them. Although, I think alot of it has to do with who is in net for the Caps. Even though I think that Brad Johnson is a solid netminder, with Olie Kolzig in net, it’s just a different team.

I may not be reporting on a regular basis of each game, although I will try. I am attempting to put up a new blog that will rival the new sweaters (or at least excite my wife who checks up on my site every now and then). But be assured I am keeping a keen eye on things. Zednik, we are all looking at you.

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Fauxrumors said...

1) If anything should prove that the game doesn't need more scoring to be exciting it was the All Star Snooze.
2) The game needs more emotion(Fighting/hitting) not bigger nets!