Sunday, December 31, 2006

NHL Gets It Right (for once)

Suspensions were handed out today following the rough play that ensued at MSG between the Capitals and Rangers. Cap's tough guy Donald Brashear got a one game suspension for the sucker punch on Aaron Ward (which I might have given him a three to five game suspension). Ranger's tough guy Colton Orr got the worst of it after checking Alex Ovechkin high in the face, getting a 5 game suspension (I would have given him 10).

That should have some enforcers thinking twice about hitting Ovie again. Although I think there will be more shots to come his way. You can't hit the prodigy of the National Hockey League and get away with it. If Sid "the Kid" Crosby had been hit in that manner, I almost guarantee that the league would have thrown the book at Orr.

The Caps now are hurting again to fill it's ranks. With Brashear out and several Caps feeling under the weather, we could see more Bears in Caps uniforms when they face off with the Phoenix Coyotes although GMGM doesn't see that happening. If the Capitals can weather this little storm and get some big wins in '07, playoffs could still be in the picture.

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