Sunday, December 17, 2006

Caps Take Advantage

Capitals 4, Flyers 1
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The Flyers were in this game until Peter Forsberg took a hard hit from Alex Ovechkin. With Forsberg out of the line up, the Flyers wilted. The Caps bloomed, lead by 2 pretty goals by Alex Semin and a wicked shot by Ovie. The Caps have won two in a row and stay a step ahead of the Carolina Hurricanes for second in the Southeast.

As much as I want to say that Forsberg had nothing to do with the Caps win, the Flyers team just didn’t look the same after he left. The Caps caught them flat footed, and for the first time in some time, the Caps have won their regular season series against the big bad Philly Flyers.

Capitals seemed a little more together in this game, at least to me. It looked as if they were sharing the puck a little more. Semin scored a great wrap around that deked Antero Niittymaki out of his goal pads and left the opposite side of the net wide open. Ovechkin just skated east west on the goaltender and ripped one off the opposite side pipe to score on a wicked slap shot for his 22nd goal of the season.

Overall Grade: B

The Caps special teams are coming along nicely and the Caps just put a word on every fans mouth that we haven’t had there in quite some time: playoffs. I have to remind you though it’s a marathon, not a sprint and we haven’t reached the halfway point to the season just yet. The Caps are doing a great job of positioning themselves early in the season however, and that could set up a viable playoff run late in the season.

Caps face division rivals Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday, and must continue to win games against their division foes. The Caps need to keep teams from taking points from them if they wish to get anywhere close to the post season. The best way to do that is to beat the teams they have to play 8 times a year.


Anonymous said...

Do you think if Ovechkin and Crosby had entered the NHL when Gretzky did, do you think they would absolutely demolish Gretzky's records?

And do you think if Gretzky had entered the NHL the same year Ovie and Crosby did, do you think Wayne would still be just as awesome?

Garrett said...

I think it's a little like comparing apples and oranges. I know that is the cop out answer, but the league is different than when Gretzky started. The athletes are better conditioned now, the league rules were different, and the goaltending styles were different. If Gretzky had entered the league now, I think he would still be good, he was such a smooth skater and an exceptional shooter.

Gretzky was also such a student of the game. He would attend games and track the puck on a piece of paper to see were the puck ended up the most, then he would plot himself in those spots. Gretzky would still be good, maybe he wouldn't have the types of highlight reel goals that Ovie and the Kid can score, but I think he would have done well.

faux rumors said...

1) Even barely 18 last year Crosby like Gretzky was head and shoulders over most of the competition. A year older and mature he's beginning to become better than everyone
2) We believe by next year he WILL be better than anyone and following that it is possible that he will become better than anyone EVER!
4) Just imagine when/if he has a decent supporting cast around him. If they can retain Malkin and Staal beyond next year, it'll get quite interesting in Pittsburgh or wherever they end up(Hamilton