Saturday, December 30, 2006

Caps Make It Interesting

Again, on holiday break and did not see the game. I did catch some of the highlights (which were very brief) and took a look at the official scoresheet. The Caps didn't do that badly, with what was basically the Hershey Bears.

A few mistakes here and there, but the game reminded me a lot of the growing pains we witness last season. We just have to grin and bear it through this stretch with injured personel. Timo Helbling, Lawerence Nycholat (scored his first NHL goal), Dave Steckel and, playing for the first time in the NHL, Jamie Hunt were all called up to face the Devils. Brian Pothier and Shaone Morrisonn both played but were sick (bad case of mono apparently is going around the locker room). Their times were severly cut.

Glen Hanlon likes to bring up the the kids against the Devils for some reason. When Olie was hurt last year, Hanlon brought up Fredric Cassivi. Cassivi could easily be a NHL goaltender, but lost that day to the Devils, 2-3.

Capitals have a short turn around facing the New York Rangers tonight, I hope that XM Radio has the game cause that is the only way I am going to hear it. Caps have to have a short memory and be ready to come out and hit the Rangers' star Jaromir "the Woman" Jagr.

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