Monday, November 20, 2006

Women CAN Play in the NHL, etc.

When he is not getting a perm or pretending to be a hockey player, Jaromir Jagr occasionally scores goals. It must be those new skates with the toe pick. Jagr scored 600 career goals (or 517 goals if you don’t count his entire time with the Capitals, which most Caps fans don’t). It will be interesting to see what he “injures” this year in the playoffs.

Okay, I am done picking on Jagr. For now.

Flyers decide to give John Stevens two years to turn the team around. Good luck. I think I speak for all of Philadelphia when I say, “Who can think of hockey at time like this? Donovan is out for the season! The flag should be flying at half mast or something!”

Kukla calls out bloggers that only complain on their teams. Figuring the glass is half empty, many bloggers are failing to see the positives in our teams and only focusing on the negatives. So let’s find some positives for the Senators, the Flyers, and the Coyotes. Ummmmmm… I’ll get back to you on that one.

Many of you may realize that I am spending less time on posting these last couple of weeks. Well, I can’t be here all the time! Plus I have started a new part time job, so I need some time to get acclimated to my new schedule. Although I am still looking for a full time gig, so if anyone is hiring, I can write a blog. And watch hockey games. And I am a glass is half empty kinda guy. Glendale Arena is really nice, there is a positive. Take that Kukla, ha!

Editor's Note: I realize it is an insulting statement to compare Jagr to women, I apologize to women everywhere.

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