Sunday, November 12, 2006

Show Me the Money came out with their “Ultimate Hockey Franchise” rating NHL teams on different scales. You would be surprise to know that the Washington Capitals did get a top rating in one of the categories. Best website (

Just to let you know how it all shook out:

Arena Deal: Nashville Predators
Fan Experience: Xcel Energy Center, Minnesota Wild
TV Deals: Toronto Maple Leafs
Naming Rights: Boston Bruins
Location: New York City
Best Fans: Colorado Avalanche
Best Players: Buffalo Sabres
General Manager: John Muckler (Ottawa Senators)
Owner: Michael Ilitch (Detroit Red Wings)
Website: Washington Capitals

In terms of value, the Washington Capitals are the cheapest team to buy at this point. They were ranked dead last in value at $127 million. Compare that to the Toronto Maple Leafs valued at $332 million and ranked first. However, under the new CBA, smaller market teams (that includes the Capitals) are seeing revenue coming to the rescue. The complete list is here. sees the NHL in some good waters. In their article, NHL on the Rebound, Forbes touches on the value of NHL franchises and their shaky TV deals with Versus and NBC. Even though the business side of hockey usually puts me to sleep, this may be helpful for some of you out there like me whose eyelids droop at the sight of numbers.

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