Thursday, November 02, 2006

Home Sweet Home, Amongst Other Things

The Capitals finally come home. After their 4 game western swing, the Caps won’t get the warm welcome they may be expecting from a grumpy Atlanta Thrashers squad. The Thrash has dropped their last two games and now look to up their confidence by playing the patsies of the NHL. If the Caps aren’t careful, they will get a thrashing.

It was a good thing for the Caps that they had a few days off to adjust to the time change, do some laundry, feed the cats, gather up the piled newspapers and name their new practice facility in Ballston. There is so much to do when you come back from vacation.

One good thing that the Caps have going for them is they won’t leave the eastern time zone for the rest of their 71 game schedule. Good, I hate staying up until one in the morning to write hockey posts. This, of course, has brought up some grumblings about the whole scheduling debate. 6 games against Divisional foes sounds right to me, rather than 8. But, I am not Bettman (thank god!).

Other NHL News:

  • The Penguins are staying with the kid, not that one, the other one. Jordan Staal, welcome to the National Hockey League. Too bad it’s with the Penguins. Staal’s strong work ethic and hard play earned him a right to play in the league. But his talent will be overshadowed by an obnoxious captain and Russian wonderboy Evgeni Malkin.

  • Did I hear Assistant Head Coach Jay Leach refer to Alex Semin as “Shasha?” If this is his nickname, than… okay. Maybe I heard wrong, but I am sure there is a reader out there who knows, so enlighten me.

  • The Philadelphia Flyers couldn’t let Ken Hitchcock off the hook just yet. Hey, Hitch, you know we don’t think you are right for behind the bench, how about a scouting job?!?

  • If you want to read more about the new Kettler Capitals Iceplex (finally got the name right) you can at the Wash Post or On Frozen Blog or
That is all I got.


JP said...

"Sasha" is a common Russian nickname for "Alexander." I've heard AO refered to as Sasha as well.

JP said...

Further to that, google "Sasha Ovechkin" and you'll get a ton of AO articles.

Garrett said...

Ah, Thanks for the clear up, but are they using that for Semin now since there is like 40 Alexs on the team. (okay, there are only two, but still) Does anyone remember when we had two Maximes? Those were the days.