Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Green is Great

Capitals Mike Green found himself on a feature on It was actually was a good piece on Green about transitioning from the WHL and AHL to the NHL. Mike continues to impress me as the season goes along. His quick speed and physical play is a bright spot for the Capitals this year.

While Green is getting his accolades on, Alex Ovechkin is having a surprisingly quiet year. Ovie is not as flash as he was in his rookie season, but he is doing the little things to help the team this year. While Ovie still looks for that open ice to show off his speed, I have been noticing him sharing the puck a bit more.

But Ovie shot is not the terror it was from a year ago. When Alex had that angle shot 10 to 15 feet out, he could bury the puck over the goaltenders shoulder. But the last couple of shots from that angle Ovie’s shots don’t seem that high snapper from last year. I am not sure if it’s from the new stick rule allowing a bigger curve in player’s hockey sticks, or if something else is going on. Ovechkin is on pace for another 50 goal season.

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