Saturday, November 25, 2006

Caps Lose, Again

Capitals 1, Islanders 4
ScoresheetWash PostNY Daily

Alex Ovechkin was the only Capital to score, and the rest couldn’t solve Rick DiPietro. The Caps lose their 6th straight and their woes continue. Their inability to score is making the Capitals the team anyone can beat.

Caps are digging themselves a pretty big hole. If Ovie was scoring his highlight reel goals, it might be worth watching. But lately it’s been a string of almost goals, and missed nets. The Caps hard work just doesn’t seem to help.

Overall Grade: F

Caps need to shake out of this non-scoring slump they are on. Or their bad luck will just get worse. They just need one thing to go right for them. Just one goal at the right time, an opportune bounce, something.

I can’t imagine the moral is very high on the Caps side. This is quickly becoming not just a coach’s problem, but a General Manager’s problem. The Caps do need some help in a big way. The return of Alex Semin may help them recover.

Caps travel southward to face another divisional foe the Lightning on Tuesday night. The Caps need to find some way to win games. Or their season ends before the all-star game.

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