Monday, October 16, 2006

Thoughts Of Yesterdays (No More Teal?)

Okay, silly question I know, but what ever happened to the Capitals teal jerseys? Not that I am saying that it was a popular look, or that the black home jerseys the Caps now play in are not cool, but wasn’t the black ones our “third” jersey?

Keep in mind that the Capitals went to the Stanley Cup Finals in the teal. I realized that not only has the Caps replaced it with their “third,” that also they never improved upon the white jersey either (except for take the word Capitals off the black line on the bottom of the jersey).

I wouldn’t have raised the question if I hadn’t gone through my closet to look through some of my old jerseys. Let’s see, an old Billings Bighorns sweater (Pat Rabbit 16), Dale Hunter’s Nordic sweater, and a Northern Virginia Hockey sweater that I think I was suppose to return. And there it was, a teal jersey that more matches the away sweater the Caps wear on the road.

Was this Management’s preferences, or the fans? I guess the teal sweaters fell of the equipment truck and no one seemed to miss it. Except those of us who are cleaning out closets and finding our Craig Berube sweaters gathering dust.

Other NHL News

  • The Phoenix Coyotes are a meager 1 and 4. It’s not that they have lost 4 of their last 5, but how they were decidedly beaten in their last three games. Now mind you, they were on the road for their last three, but losing at Columbus 1-5, at Detroit 2-9 and at Nashville 1-4. Coyotes’ fans are starting to wonder if the Great One shouldn’t be coaching. I am telling you, moving to Phoenix, everything becomes an afterthought to golf down there.

  • Three teams find themselves thus far undefeated. Buffalo (5-0), Minnesota (5-0) and Dallas (5-0). Technically, two other teams have not lost a game in regulation, Montreal (2-0-2) and Anaheim (3-0-2). Who would have thought? Jeff Halpern is on a winning team.

  • The Pittsburgh Penguins are a bunch of goons. That’s my reaction to a blind-side hit by Colby Armstrong on Carolina’s Trevor Letowski. There was no need for that hit and Armstrong defended himself saying he wasn’t a dirty player (in Armstrong’s defense Letowski was admiring his pass a little too much). In a game that should have been about the Staal brother match-up (which is not expected to happen again since Jordan Staal’s NHL contract would kick in after 10 games, forcing him down to the minors), it became a horrific scene of Letowski laying face down on the ice in a pool of blood. The next Pens – ‘Canes game is Saturday November 11th, it should be interesting.

  • Alex Ovechkin has 2 goals and 2 assists. Although he doesn’t lead the team in scoring, he does lead the team in shots. A whooping 30 shots on goal, making his shooting percentage a measly .067. Not exactly what Caps fans want to see, as the Phone Booth collects dust with attendance at about 11,000 for Ovie Night. Mind you they count both teams, the staff at the Verizon Center, and Parking attendants into the attendance.

That’s all I got.


Caps Nut said...

Don't forget, it was Penguin Brooks Orpik who broke Eric Cole's neck last year with another cheap shot.

And of course we all know about that scumbag Ryan Whitney.

But I wouldn't hold my breath. When called into accout by Nolan Yonkman last year, Whitney just stood there and wouldn't answer the call. I can't imagine Armstrong being any different.

Garrett said...

Whitney still has a job? Who'd a thunk? Part of the problem the Pens have is inexperience. That was a 2nd year player hitting an 8 year veteran. You know that some of these youngsters are all about taking a run at someone, damn the consequences.

Anonymous said...

1) The Letowski hit was clean. I don't want Disney on ice to replace nHL hockey
2) As for Staal, after 10 games he won't go to "the minors" but back to his junior team

Garrett said...

I never said the hit was dirty, just blind-sided. Armstrong hit Letowski high in the head. That is inexperience showing on Armstrong's behalf, if you watch the replay very carefully that he actually never hits Letowski body for body, but rather Armstrong in an attempt to make the hit count put his hands up and cold cocked Letowski. I know he did because I have been hit like that before. If that were a veteran going down that middle, 1)he would have let Letowski by because it's a regular season game and 2)if it were an important game they would have shouldered Letowski which would have put him down, but in a body on body contact way.

Anonymous said...


Um, maybe you should get your eyes checked. The Caps jerseys of which you speak were blue.

Teal is a blue-green color-- see the jerseys of the San Jose Sharks for a good example of teal. The old Caps away jerseys, however, are very plainly a straightforward blue, with no green element whatsoever.

One thing's for sure, though-- the big white numbers on those blue jerseys were a lot easier to read from a distance than the numbers on the current black home jerseys!

Anonymous said...

Do you still have the Billings Bighorns sweater? I would like to see pictures of it if you do. thanks