Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lightning Cut Caps

Capitals 4, Lightning 6

Caps self destruct early in the second period and were never able to recover. Olaf Kolzig could do little but endure an attack from the Lightning in the second. The Caps looked less like the team of now and more like the team of then. Alex Ovechkin, who usually has a great game versus the boys from Tampa Bay, scored 2.

The Caps took too many penalties, made too many mistakes, and lost too many chances where they could bury the puck. All leads to a home loss to a division rival. Credit Lightning netminder Marc Denis, he came up with some key stops including a great save on a rebounder with Alex Semin on the doorstep.

Overall Grade: D-

The Capitals had a great first period, but that team never came out of the locker room afterward. The puck just didn’t bounce the Caps way at all tonight. Ovie and Semin ended up trying to do it all by themselves to no avail. Even some of the official’s penalty calls always sent

Who did play a fantastic game was Brian Sutherby who final got a tally on the year with a nice garbage goal in front of the Lightning net. He was also great on the penalty kill even spending an entire shift with out his stick.

Wash Post actually pays a guy to attend hockey games, and he has the story. Caps must shake themselves from this satisfactory funk they find themselves in after getting the lead, especially on this road trip out west where they will be playing some tough teams in Colorado, Edmonton and Vancouver.

On a side note, Puckhead will be on a little bit of a hiatus this week. I will be with out my computer (gasp) for a few days and will likely miss the Colorado game on Wednesday. Check in with these guys until I get back and return to my post on my couch and my laptop back upon my lap: Japer’s Rink, Caps Nut and On Frozen Blog. Be sure to check out Southeast Shootout as well.

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