Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's Science

Scientists finally catch up with what most goalies know already. Keep your eye on the puck, not the shooter. Not that this is really news, having coached a few goalies myself I know you need to concentrate either on the puck or the ice just before the puck when you play the netminding position. It's an interesting article though.

Other NHL News:
  • Buffalo finally loses a game, versus the Atlanta Thrashers. The more I see of the Thrashers, the more I fear the Thrashers could be the team to beat in the East. Who knew that dropping Peter Bondra would yield a great start for the Atlanta Thrashers? But it was classy of the Buffalo Fans to give their team a mini-standing ovation at the end of the game.
  • Jeff Halpern scores his first goal as a Star, and he did it in game winning fashion. The puck squirted out in front of Halpern where he buried it past Mathieu Garon late in the third.
  • There is a Russian making some noise in the NHL, too bad it isn't Alex Ovechkin. Evgeni Malkin seems to be turning heads in Pittsburgh. Phil Coffey sings the praises of Malkin in his column on Ovechkin's recent shootout slump seems to reverberate with other Caps. They have yet to win a game in the shoot out.

That is all I got.

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