Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hockey Halloween Hauntings

I have been in a little block when it comes to writing lately so it was my wife’s idea for this post. As I was thinking of something to write for today, my wife just blurted it, “It’s Halloween, why not write about the scariest things going on in the NHL.” Brilliant.

So here are my 5 scary things in the NHL right now:

1. Philadelphia “Frightening” Flyers’ spooky slow start – Maybe it was losing to their Pennsylvanian rivals in a rout, maybe it was the lack luster approach to the season or maybe they’re cursed. Whatever the reason, the Flyers are tied with three other teams for second to last place. It cost Bobby Clarke and Ken Hitchcock their heads… er, jobs.

2. Buffalo “Booing” Sabres and Anaheim “Dangerous” Ducks are undefeated in regulation - These teams are just scary good. Neither the Ducks nor the Sabres have lost in regulation. Prompting other teams to turn heads and take notice. Also bringing garlic and silver bullets.

3. Martin “the Marauder” Broduer’s play of late – Marty has back to back shutouts, a remarkable feat considering the new NHL where scoring is the point. Broduer has 3 shutouts this season so far. He has also been known to kill cool looking visors. Is there no end to his evil!

4. Chicago Blackhawks (what? They don’t need a scary nickname) – The Blackhawks had a promising preseason, but they can’t find their offense right now. Chicago is scoreless in their last three games. They may need to sacrifice a billy goat, so at least the Cubbies can nix their curse.

5. Wig Night at the Philadelphia game – The Flyers’ fans broke the record for the most people wearing a wig to a sporting event (Bettman’s toupee doesn’t count apparently). While this isn’t scary in itself, the fact that I am writing about it, is.

Happy Halloween. Be safe, eat a lot of candy.

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Anonymous said...

Love this post. The mere mention of Wig Night alone made my day.