Sunday, October 15, 2006

Caps Thrashed

Capitals 3, Thrashers 4 OT

Ilya Kovalchuk willed this win for the Thrashers. It was a good thing too because the Capitals had plenty of opportunities to put this one away. The story really wasn’t how good the Thrashers were in this one, but how many missed chances the Caps had. The Capitals out-shot the Thrashers, out played them at times and yet they were 1 for 9 on the power play.

It certainly is not a lack of talent on the behalf of the Capitals, but maybe a lack of focus. On the power play the Caps lacked movement after being able to move the puck well against Carolina and Minnesota.

Overall Grade: D+

Caps must find a way to turn those scoring chances in to goals instead of just a useless stat. I could say that the Caps need to shoot more, but I am not sure it’s all about quantity, but rather about quality. Alex Ovechkin seems to be shooting the same shot, twenty-footer at the top of the circle, just off the boards. He is not looking his pepper self for some reason.

Wash Post has the story of the Thrashers ruining Ovie’s night. No, I was not able to exchange my coin for a free beer, but I did try. I would have rather been given something more worth while, like a miniature Stanley Cup. Oh, wait.

Caps will face the Thrashers again on Thursday, after they tangle with Florida Panthers Wednesday.

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