Monday, September 11, 2006


5 years ago a tragedy hit the nation. It was a day that sports took a back seat. The scars are still present in the landscape of the New York skyline, and in the faces of those who saw those planes hit the twin towers and the Pentagon.

Sports meant very little at that moment. But soon afterward, it was sports we turned to for comfort, for a sense of normalcy in this world gone crazy. Whether it was the return of the NFL season, or the amazing seven-game World Series featuring the Yankees and Diamondbacks, Americans rallied around their teams.

It was a welcome change from watching the disaster that wouldn’t go away on our news channels. In a world that changed, sports didn’t. The players were the same, the rules were the same, and the uniforms brought comfort to those that just needed a break.

Instead of writing a sapping article in my poor grammar, I thought I would find some experts to relay what 9/11 means to sports.

Loved Ones Remember Kings Scouts' Joy of Life – Helene Elliott, L.A. Times

Never Forget – Lisa Olson, New York Daily News

Pain of 9/11 Can’t be Erased for Aggie – Terrance Harris, Houston Chronicle

Baseball Helped In Healing – Mike Berardino, Sun Sentinel News

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