Saturday, September 23, 2006

One And Done

It’s 11:26 on a Friday night. I click through the local stations 4, 7, and 9. I am hoping to see some Caps highlights from a pretty exciting come from behind overtime win only to be highly disappointed. Not only were there no Caps highlights from any of the major local stations, they didn’t even mention the team was even playing.

Granted, Friday night is a busy night in sports. Channel 9 couldn’t talk about anything other than High School football (Florida State Asst. Coaches were at the Dunbar game), channel 7 covered the Phillies game (huh?) and channel 4 just couldn’t be bothered. The Capitals take their place once again as an afterthought in local news fodder.

It’s preseason, I know, and it’s not like the game counted and it was probably not easy to get video from Pittsburgh. But when the Wizards start their preseason, watch for in-depth analysis, player interviews and roughly 5 minutes devoted to Gilbert Arenas’ rippling physique.

Face it, the Caps are just not that important in DC, even with the reigning Calder Trophy winner Alex Ovechkin. There are farmers in upper Alberta that have no television that are more into the Capitals than the local media in Washington. I know, I get hits on my blog from up there.

The only way to change all of that is to make the playoffs, and hockey gods willing, win a championship. Until then, I will just have to wait for opening night, to see the Caps get mentioned in the news again.


JP said...

"Until then, I will just have to wait for opening night, to see if the Caps get mentioned in the news again."

Fixed that for you.

Garrett said...

Thanks Japer, I always need good editors.