Monday, September 25, 2006

Kolzig's New Digs

A picture made me do a double take:

It's Olie Kolzig in some very fancy new pads. They look pretty good, except for the fact that Kolzig is still on the CCM site. And these were the pads he wore last season:

Not sure why Kolzig changed pads, but the new pads do look sharp. He has changed pad manufacturer before, he originally came into the league with Heaton pads. It just took me by surprise to see him in both Reebok gear, but still on CCM's site.


Caps Nut said...

That's because Reebok bought out CCM.

Garrett said...

I can never keep the mergers straight. Bauer being bought by Nike, CCM bought by Reebok. It seems Canadien Hockey companies are being swallowed up American shoe companies. I am sure the influx of cash helps those companies. Thanks for clearing up this obviously important issue Caps Nut.

Anonymous said...

rbk bought out koho it even says on the pads "by koho"