Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sports Odds & Ends

With the Capitals seemingly on vacation for the past week or so, the only real news coming up is that their practice facility in Ballston is way behind schedule. Exciting I know. So since my attention has been all over the place, I couldn’t help but notice a few big sports stories and I had to comment.

First, Floyd Landis needs to get his alibi straight. Look, Landis, I am with you on this one. If the French can’t handle their college graduates, how can they do a simple drug sampling test? Also, I still think they hold a grudge against Lance Armstrong for being a monster on a bike. But you need to shape up and stick with one story buddy; otherwise you’re just pointing fingers.

Michelle Wie fired her caddie. News flash Wie, bad shots are not your caddie’s fault. Why can’t you get along with your caddie like Tiger Woods?

Roger Goodell is your new NFL Commissioner. Although I don’t think there is much to change in a league that is just getting stronger and stronger with every season. Now if we can just find a new one for the NHL.

Finally, Maurice Clarett was arrested for having 4 loaded weapons in his car and he was wearing a Kevlar vest. It took several officers to subdue him and he was shot with a stun gun. It begs the question, where the hell was he going? Too bad Clarett, looks like you’re just another bad stereotype statistic whose career is going no where.

So there you go, had to get it off my chest. Oh yea, and for you hockey buffs; Manny Legace is now a Blue, and the Sabres walk away from J.P. Dumont. Also, for a good read, check out this column about Russia and the NHL by Allan Muir.

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