Thursday, August 03, 2006

A New Look!

A new season also means a new look. I hope you like it. A little more refined I think. I was planning to do a whole overhaul on the site, but then thought better of it. Anyway, I hope it's easier on the eyes, and looks a little less like a 15 year old did the graphics. Plus one of those guys up there is me. Cool.

Washington Capitals are busy sprucing up their look too, signing Matt Pettinger to a 3 year contract. Which has many fans, myself included, giving a sigh of relief. Pettinger had a career season last year with 20 goals and 18 assists. I hope that he continues to improve.

Also, on the Caps website, they have a short video of Coach Glen Hanlon's description of Alex Ovechkin done for EA Sports where the winger is the new poster child for the NHL 2006 video game. It's pretty cool to see Ovechkin as a computerized hockey player, and he may have a 99 or 98 overall rating in the game. I also heard a rumor that there will be a special Ovechkin move on this game that no other players can do. Remains to be seen I guess.

Hope you like the new look to Puckhead's Thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Hey, i want to make an RSS feed of your blog for Livejournal, but I need the rss feed URL. Get it and email it to me. So I can add you to my friends list. You DO want to be my friend, don't you?

JP said...

You've been tagged, Puckhead! You're it!