Friday, August 18, 2006

Get Your Shotgun and Beer, We're Going to Ashburn!

I knew tensions between management at Piney Orchard, the Capitals former practice facility, and the Caps were mounting, but with the delay in getting the Ballston arena built, the Caps say, “Good-bye Piney, hello Ashburn.”

Yes, Ashburn Virginia. I am talking about a 2 hour commute for the Caps to hold their summer training. For those of you who are also political buffs, it’s one of the places Webb won’t go. If there are such things as rednecks in Northern Virginia, they would live in Ashburn… no offense.

I have only been to Ashburn Ice House once; I needed a map, a compass, and an Ouija board just to find the place. The Caps new practice facility in Ballston has been tied up in a lot of bureaucratic tape. When the Caps were faced with staying at Piney Orchard, I guess the answer was no. No word on whether it was the facility or the Caps who said it.

The Capitals will be splitting the time between Ashburn and Hershey Pa. Talk about two extremes. Next year they may hold camp in Tucson. Weather permitting.

While that drama is the only thing there is to talk about, Alex Ovechkin is in Toronto training for the upcoming season. In an interview with TSN, Ovechkin talked about the Malkin episode, his goals for the upcoming season, and how much he loves playing for the Caps (for now).

“My goal for next year is go to playoffs,” Ovechkin said. “No 50 goals, no 100 points.”

I hope he reaches that goal. Albeit a lofty one.

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Anonymous said...

I don't live in Ashburn, don't have any desire to, but have you actually been to the Ashburn Ice House?

Its about a mile from Redskin park/AOL and its in one of the biggest subdivision, quasi planned community urban sprawl places that ever existed. I don't know that I would label it as Redneckville in any sense of the word, unless rednecks drive Jaguars, Porshe, and Lexus vehicles.

Maybe right wing republicanville....