Friday, July 14, 2006

Caps Get Muscle In Brashear

Capitals announced today that Donald Brashear was now a Capital. The 6’2”, 235 left winger who spent last year with the Philadelphia Flyers scoring 5 goals, 4 assists and a whopping 103 penalty minutes. Wash Post has the details.

I am having a little trouble with this one. Brashear isn’t a defenseman and could be a dinosaur of a NHL long ago. I don’t understand getting Brashear for anything other than being a beefy goon. Sure it may be protection for Alexander Ovechkin, but how many players decided to take a cheap shot at the superstar rookie.

Don’t get me wrong, Donald Brashear is one of those players’ fans love to love, and opponent fans love to hate, which to me is endearing. However, I fail to see the need for Brashear on this team. When the Caps are desperate to get some D-men, George McPhee again continues to sign and trade for forwards.

Brashear, if you can remember, was the victim of a high stick incident from one Marty McSorley in an effort to goad him into a fight. With the recent trade for Todd Bertuzzi in Florida (who was in an incident himself with an Avalanche player), one could see trouble on the horizon now that these two are in the same division. That peaks my interest a little bit.

But, it is a little disconcerting. Even when the Caps owner talks about the need for some defensemen, the general manager seems to have the “I heard the opposite disease.” Caps again are leaving the position neglected, and leaving Olaf Kolzig high and dry.

I will give it some more time before it turns out to be a conspiracy. But I do predict a long summer if this keeps up.

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