Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bring On The Cup, Fearless Predictions Pt. 1

It’s here! The Playoffs finally arrive. And I would have liked for the Capitals to make a sneak in the 8 spot in the east, I will have to settle for the Caps having the rookie of the year and possibly the League’s MVP.

So let’s break it down and get to the fearless predictions. Today I will go through the Eastern Conference winners right up to the Stanley Cup Finals, then tomorrow it’s the Western Conference picks including the Stanley Cup winner.

As always your input is welcomed.

Eastern Conference Round 1

Tampa Bay at Ottawa – Tampa Bay somehow backed their way into the playoffs only to face the League’s top offensive threat. The Lightning’s goaltending is absolute key for them to make any head way in this series, unfortunately for them John Grahame and Sean Burke have never done well in tournament games.

Result: Ottawa wins in 5 games.

Montreal at Carolina – The Canadiens have had a hot run winning 6 of their last ten while the Hurricanes slump into the post season. However, Carolina may have a more talented team and plenty of post season experience. Montreal will have to lean on their goaltending in this one if they think about moving into round 2.

Result: Carolina wins in 7 games.

New York Rangers at New Jersey – The Devils may have one of the hottest teams going into the playoffs. Coming into this series with 11 straight wins, the Devils have been a thorn in the side of the Rangers all season. Rookie goalie Henrik Lundqvist and Jaromir Jagr will have to be at the top of their games.

Result: New Jersey wins in 5 games.

Philadelphia at Buffalo – If there were ever a surprise team this year in the NHL it would be Buffalo. You tell them that, and they would just say that they always had a competitive team. The Flyers have some trouble on their hands if Peter Forsberg’s injuries don’t heal in time to make a difference. Chances are, he won’t.

Result: Buffalo wins in 6 games.

Eastern Conference Round 2

Buffalo at Ottawa – As much as I would like to see the Cup be lifted by the tallest hockey player ever, the Senators may have met their match. This will be a match-up of two exciting offenses. The Senators may be a duck out of water with a team that can match their goal scoring capabilities.

Result: Buffalo wins in 6 games.

New Jersey at Carolina – So I got to stand up with my Southeastern Division representation. That would be Carolina. Even though New Jersey won their tussle with the Rangers, it will be an emotional series that will drain the tanks of the Devils. Carolina will be solid in this series and will keep to the basics.

Result: Carolina wins in 5 games.

Eastern Conference Final

Buffalo at Carolina – I have been given this playoff run some thought and I believe it could be Buffalo’s Eastern Championship to lose. But if Carolina has made it thus far, most likely they are in their groove. Sorry Buffalo fans, it’s been a good run.

Result: Carolina wins in 7 games.

Tomorrow I will review the Western Conference where we will see who I believe will be playing Carolina for the Stanley Cup including who will be lifting the hardware. I know I will have to be doing some research as I haven’t stayed up to catch the late games.

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