Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Owner on Track

Ted Leonsis was recently interviewed in the Wash Post about what lies ahead for the Capitals as this season comes to a close. Leonsis looks to make some moves, but won’t go free-agent crazy.

I think Leonsis is on the right track as he looks for players to compliment, rather than just looking at stat sheets. He was quoted:

"I'm more interested in free agency as the players get a little younger, as time
marches on," he said. "I want to plug them in as we're on this upclimb, someone
who has been in the league four or five years, his best years are still in front
of them."

It sounds like the Caps have a bright future and it will be exciting to see the team gain it’s chemistry. Leonsis is on the right track in building a successful franchise not just for Stanley endeavors, but for many seasons to come.

Rico Fata and Kris Beech, the two newest Capitals, look like they are going to get some time to impress. Fata’s speed will be helpful in an aggressive forecheck, and Beech’s good playmaking skills the two should be able to grow into their new Caps sweaters.

What the Caps may lack is a physical presence in the absence of the recently departed Brendan Witt (who got into a fight over the glass separator with the Sharks in his first game as a Predator). Nolan Yonkman has tried to fill that gap, but the Caps may need some one with some more experience playing that role.

Caps will play the Sabres tonight on OLN. Capitals will have to play smart team defense when they go up against the leagues top scoring team. Alex Ovechkin is looking for a goal after being shut down in the previous two games.

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