Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Slept On It

Capitals 0, Panthers 5

It is easy for me to get upset over the last two games. It’s easy to criticize the players and their work ethic. But it’s really not fair to them. This is a team that needs to find itself. Apparently it will take longer than just a few good performances to find it.

Last night I chose not to write the blog after the game. It might have been a good thing because I was really frustrated over the games outcome. Instead I made my wife crazy stewing about the loss and waited to write this morning. I came to the realization that this is not a whole team.

The speed is there, the skill is apparent, but the structure and the experience are missing. It’s not a good sign either when the opponent scores 3 unanswered goals in the second period and the announcers are already throwing in the towel for the Caps.

It made me think that I had put the Capitals at a standard that was too lofty for them to reach. Instead of believing that this team could turn spectacular efforts into consistent wins, I was watching a team go through its growing pains in an effort to put together some sort of a good competitive likeness on the ice.

Sure the Caps were with out some key players, Chris Clark, Matt Bradley, Jeff Halpern, and Steve Eminger. But, that just proves that the Caps have no depth. So I find myself hurrying up to wait for this team to be champions.

Overall Grade: D

As much as I wanted to give the Caps an “F” I felt that their first period play didn’t warrant any kind of failing grade. And of course we have to give credit to the Florida Panthers defense and Roberto Loungo for a well executed game, shutting down the Capitals high octane and streaky offense.

Jon Sim got a hat trick on the night, with one goal that was a wrap around slapper that went off Olie Kolzig and into the net. It was quite the highlight goal for a transient player that has played for 6 different teams in his career.

Wash Post will dazzle you with defining details of the match up. Caps must now throw whatever game plan that was out the window and work on making a consistent effort (even if it is a consistent loss) against the Flyers on Olympic Opening Night (otherwise known as Friday night).

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