Saturday, February 04, 2006

From Good Straight To Ugly

Capitals 0, Lightning 5

Brent Johnson had no help as the Capitals didn’t even show up to play. This game was decided in the first 11 seconds. It went nowhere but down hill for the Caps there. Johnson started in net for Olie Kolzig who had a spectacular night against Toronto.

I am tired of these fantastic performances by the Caps only for them to come back to play like an ECHL team the very next game. So instead of saying all the same things over again when the Capitals lose big (i.e. poor defense, bad puck decisions, slow cumbersome play), I am just going to grade and finish my six pack.

Overall Grade: F

How can they play so well, and then suck so bad? Caps need to start looking for consistency, and that means making tough decisions like maybe consider trades for some of their prospects to build a better team around Alex Ovechkin and Kolzig.

Scoring for the Caps tonight… no one. This one was pathetic from the moment they dropped the puck. It is frustrating to be a fan of this team right now.

Wash Post has a smart reporter that will be less biased than I. But that is why you read my thoughts, right?

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