Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Overtime Loss, This One Hurts

Capitals 3, Blackhawks 4 OT

The Blackhawks looked to end their ten game skid, and they were able to jump to a 3 goal lead early. The Caps powered their way back, but were not able to play with much intensity after scoring the tying goal.

Chicago played with much more urgency than the Capitals. It even looked as if the Caps had the game all but won, with the pressure they had on the Blackhawks late in the third. Chicago was able to kill every penalty tonight. If the Caps wanted to win, they would have to do it at even strength.

The Caps failed to get their 14th win. This whole game had a bad taste in my mouth for some reason. Even as the Capitals were able to pull back with a tie, something told me that Chicago was just hungrier for the win.

Overall Grade: C

I liked the gusto of the team to get back into it, but then they just stopped pressuring after Brian Sutherby’s tying goal. I couldn’t understand why the caps were not playing with a sense of purpose. Almost like their job was over when they had tied.

Bright side, Alex Ovechkin has found his scoring touch once more. Rumor has it that Jeff Friesen will be back in the line up on the southwestern road swing.

Down side, Olie Kolzig may have once again injured his groin but was not taken out of the game. He didn’t look that sharp in overtime and Chicago’s aggressive play may have caught the veteran goaltender off kilter.

Wash Post has the quotes and details. The Caps need to finish the game. They need to match the same intensity has they had when they were down 3-0. This is one they let slip through their fingers.

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