Monday, January 23, 2006

No 5th Win For Caps

Capitals 2, Bruins 3

Apparently the Caps could have used the extra practice. After Glen Hanlon cancelled practice for Sunday, the Caps looked sluggish, slow and not in the game. They played a spectacular game against the league leading Hurricanes, the Caps came out flat against a struggling Bruins squad.

The Caps seem to play to the level of the team they are playing. This means against good teams the Caps come to play while against poor or struggling squads they seem to phone it in. Tim Thomas was the number one Capital killer. He had some spectacular saves but most of the shots were softballs.

The Capitals just couldn’t get it going at either end of the ice. The Caps defense was useless in this game. The Bruins outworked and outplayed the blue line men on the boards and in front of the net. Brent Johnson played spectacular in net, but was overshadowed by the lack of play by his teammates in front of him.

Overall Grade: F

There were moments of great excitement in the game, but for the most part the Caps were just not ready to play this team. Dumb penalties and low level of play kept the Capitals from winning their 5th straight.

Wash Post will have the recap and great quotes. The Caps need to refocus and find their “chi” again. Jeff Halpern returned to the line up and made some minor dents, but also turned the puck over a lot as well. Alex Ovechkin was held shotless in the first and P.J. Axelsson did a good job of keeping Ovie off the score sheet.

The Caps must find their hard hats and come to work for their next game. Now that they have tasted success, they must push themselves through the threshold and raise their level of play. The hard part of this loss is that Caps fans really wanted this win to extend the win streak. Unfortunately the Capitals could not deliever.

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