Thursday, January 26, 2006

Like A Broken Record

Capitals 2, Bruins 3

For the second time in four nights, the Bruins continue giving the Caps some fits. Alex Ovechkin had plenty of opportunity, but couldn’t find the back of the net, even on a penalty shot that went wide.

The Capitals needed better puck control on the blue line. Ben Clymer answered the call to help the struggling defense. He did well by tying the game in the third, but the Bruins answered right away with a goal.

A night after a clearly frustrating loss to Pittsburgh, the Caps just couldn’t get past the play of P.J. Axelsson, and Tim Thomas. The Bruins didn’t need to change their game plan too much as the Caps just couldn’t get it going.

Overall Grade: C

It could have been much worse after the debacle at Mellon Arena, but the Capitals were able to make a game out of it. The Caps sorely miss the speed of Steve Eminger and Jamie Heward on the blue line. Capitals defensemen look slow and awkward.

Wash Post has the details. I may have put too much hope into this team after their 4th consecutive win against one of this year’s elite teams, Carolina Hurricanes. The Capitals have to use these losses to learn and correct their weaknesses.


Anonymous said...

I agree. The lack of solid blueliners is hurting the Caps tremendously. Defense isn't the goaltender's job alone, and Brenda Twitt can only do so much.

The Caps have been lucky throughout the year, enjoying few injuries to their defensemen... but their roster hasn't been that deep all season, and now it's biting them in the ass.

Garrett said...

I am actually impressed with Brendan Witt's play, and I think he is doing too much, hence the late penalties. But considering he could have mentally checked out this season begging for a trade, Witt has been doing pretty good.

McPhee has to lay aside the forward search, and instead of putting effort on getting Semin or trading for young prospects, he should be looking for Defensemen. Biron and Muir are okay d-men in the minors, but in the big leagues the look confused and slow. And if I see Majesky go deep in the offensive zone and get caught again, I swear the little vein in my head will pop.