Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Crosby Takes Over For Lemieux As #1 Cap-Killer

Ovechkin 1, Penguins 8

Talk about playing to the level of the team you playing. Capitals stunk so bad that the entire east end of Pittsburg needed to evacuate from the fumes. If the Caps defense were useless in the Boston game, they shouldn’t even get a check for this game. Too many times did I see the defensemen looking around, standing around with their sticks off the ice, and doing a large load of nothing in front of Olie Kolzig.

In my effort not to be “too” negative about the Capitals (yeah right), I will only talk from now on the good things about the Caps in this game. So here it goes:

Alex Ovechkin scored his 34th goal.

Whew, glad that is over.

Not to take anything away from the Penguins that came into this game with a purpose and a solid game plan. Sid “the Kid” Crosby played probably his best game ever. He was spectacular for the Pens tonight with a goal and a playmaker. 4 points to Ovechkin’s 1. The veterans Mark Recchi and John LeClair have finally put out some production for the Penguins, something the squad desperately needed with the sudden retirement of Mario Lemieux. I was starting to cheer for the Pens by the 5 goal or so.

Overall Grade: F---

Yes, that is three minuses. The Caps didn’t even show up for this game. Glen Hanlon looked like he was about to bust some heads on the bench (and I hope he did afterward). After the 6th goal, I would have benched the entire defensive squad and played all forwards for the rest of the game.

Wash Post will find some positives, although I doubt it (I almost wouldn’t waste print on this game). I miss Jamie Heward and Steve Eminger. Never thought I would say that.

Caps must show up to get revenge against the Bruins tomorrow night. I can’t believe I wasted this much time on this game.

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