Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bad Start For Caps Road Trip

Capitals 1, Stars 4

Clearly Dallas was the superior team. The second period was the only period the Caps could put any pressure on the Stars, but only yielded one goal for the entire game. Alex Ovechkin scored his 27th goal.

The Capitals even scored a goal after a non-whistle by referee Tim Peel but the play was never reviewed in the second period. The puck was clearly in the net before the whistle blew, even triggering the red light, but Peel skated to the front of the net to nonchalantly stop play to call a penalty against the Stars. The puck was clearly in before the whistle on review. Where is Toronto when you need them?

But the Caps couldn’t even respond in the ensuing power play, nearly allowing a short- handed goal. The Caps were just out of their league. George McPhee, pay attention, these are the teams you have to beat to win a Stanley Cup.

The Stars played a gritty and good game. Jason Arnott (are too!) scored twice and had an assist, so did Sergei Zubov with a pair of his own assists. The Caps just couldn’t slow down the Stars. Olaf Kolzig has yet to win a game against the Dallas Stars, it may be a while too.

The Capitals couldn’t even hit their own man. I saw pass after pass either in the other players skates or right to a Stars player. It was frustrating to see how poor the play making part of the game is seriously lacking in the Capitals. When the Caps had the power play their only play was the dump and chase. Huh?

Overall Grade: Period 2, A, Periods 1 and 3, D

Wash Post has the quotes and notes of the game. Ovechkin was fun to watch in this game, even though he turned the puck over on Dallas’ third goal in the first period. He was fast and lucid, he just was not able to find the open ice to make his moves.

Reported earlier was the fact that many of the defensive squad for the Caps had been stricken with the flu. Not sure if that means if any those players will continue to play on this road trip. Mathieu Biron looked a sight better than death as he played, very pale and at times looked tired and shaky.

Capitals must find a new sense of self on this road trip as they play Anaheim Friday night 10:30 pm. The Caps could pick up a quick 2 points if they continue to play hard.

Nice to see the Comcast crew does the keys of the game with 1:40 to play in the third. Talk about being on top of your game Craig Laughlin. Go back to the Spa! Love ya “Locker.”

Bottom line in this one: Caps just couldn’t play with the Stars.

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