Saturday, December 10, 2005

Red Wings Home Win?

Capitals 3, Red Wings 4

It could almost be counted as a home win for the visiting Red Wings. With as many Capitals jerseys in the crowd you could see even more red and white of the Detroit faithful. And the Mo Town boys didn’t disappoint.

Once again a premiere team has to resort to its special teams to beat the hard working Caps. The Red Wings scored 3 power play goals, with a goal just seconds after a power play ended.

The Capitals played their best game to date. Going against the power house of the west Glen Hanlon pretty much summed up the reality of the Caps playing the number 2 team in the league:

“I don't think you come in and expect to dominate the Red Wings. ... These guys are great. The make me smile, even in defeat. I can hardly wait until we start winning these games.”

Alex Ovechkin had a goal and an assist and Jamie Heward is back on the scoring side with a buzzer beater goal at the end of the game. Four tenths of a second too late and the Caps lose by two.

Overall Grade: A

If the Caps can play as well as they did against the Red Wings, that can only mean good things for the Caps. The Caps were moving, aggressive on the boards, and were able to move the puck much better than they could against the Predators.

Wash Post covers the close game, closer than would be expected. The last two games for the Capitals were against top 5 teams in the NHL. They were able to hold their own. The ability for this young team to play well against two winning records bodes well for the future of the club.

The Capitals head west to face two good teams on the west coast. The Caps play the L.A. Kings on Wednesday for a late game on the east coast. The game is at 10:30 pm eastern time, which means pajama party at Puckhead’s Palace.

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Anonymous said...

You're right, that was an amazing game to see last night. I think maybe the Caps even surprised themselves with the way they were skating in that first period.

One of the things that made the night so enjoyable was being surrounded by great fans, for both teams. Unlike, say, going to a Flyers game at the MCI.

Best part of the night: In the first period when a Detroit fan sitting behind us asked me, "who's that rookie everyone is talking about". Bam! Red light! Me pointing: "That kid right there."