Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

The one thing I hate/love about the Christmas season is the parties. I have been partying for the last two nights, hence no post yesterday and I apologize. Normally I like to keep the conversation on the Capitals in my blog, but I had the opportunity to go to the White House for their Holiday Party.

There are two great things about living in Washington D.C.; the Pro Sports and the parties. Every other time I have gone to the White House it has been behind big ropes and a sort of walk through museum type of visit. To actually go, get close to the paintings and sit in the furniture, it blew my mind.

They served the best soup in espresso cups. They had ham, and lamb chops. And no party would be complete without eggnog. I am an aficionado of eggnog! It was okay.

There are few things I take advantage of here when it has to do with politics, I tend to just stay out of it. But when an opportunity like this comes along, it’s once in a lifetime. I got to rub elbows with the powerful and the influential. And the eggnog was okay.

Ok, sorry. I had to brag. Back to hockey.

The Capitals have been busy making moves. The Caps have brought up Graham Mink from Hershey for the game against the Rangers, just to be sent back down, and then recalled again. Jakub Klepis, Tomas Flieschmann have both had ten games or more in the big leagues, but were not able to make much of a dent. Both were sent back to Hershey. After Brooks Laich was sent back to Hershey, he is now back in a Capitals sweater.

Maxime Ouellet has been a disappointment for George McPhee since he was drafted. He was to take Olaf Kolzig’s job, but has been developing slowly and now the caps find that they no longer have much youth in the goaltender department.

The Capitals also have key players still nursing injuries, Jeff Friesen and Stephen Peat.

It is quite clear that Glen Hanlon is looking for players that can make a difference immediately. Although he has allowed players to settle in, mostly for experience, and mostly due to injuries, Hanlon is trying to produce young players faster than normal.

It’s no secret that Hanlon wants the same system in Hershey as they are playing at the phone booth. The payoff is beginning to show. Mink was able to quickly adapt and played well against the Rangers. The system is working, and it will be the machine that will help the Caps withstand slumps, and injuries. It will help when the Caps decide to make their Cup run in a few years time.

The Caps are making the transactions and it proves that this organization is healthy and getting better. With the ability to go to the farm system for help, and getting that help will benefit the Capitals greatly.

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