Monday, December 19, 2005

I'm On Vacation!

Caught the game last night and the Caps can’t figure out Roberto Luongo. The Caps once again fall to the Panthers even shooting a franchise record 55 shots against the Panthers’ goaltender.

Caps just couldn’t get anything in, and they had plenty of opportunities.

Overall Grade: B

Since I didn’t see the San Jose game I really can’t grade. Hanlon should have let Kolzig rest for that game, and I was surprised to see his name as the starting goalie. The Caps looked a little tired for the Panther game due to the cross continental trip from San Jose.

Wash Post will cover the details on both the Panthers and San Jose’s wins. Since I will not be able to post until after the holidays you’re on your own for the next couple of games. Just take deep breaths and remind yourself its ok.

Merry Christmas!

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